Agile Delivery Journey

Alignment Discovery Alpha Beta Live


What is Live?

Live begins when the service has reached a point of maturity and all of the main features in the backlog have been built.

After you go Live

After you move to the Live phase you should keep improving your service based on user feedback, analytics and further user research.

You should:

  • continue doing user research
  • monitor the status of your service
  • maintain uptime and availability
  • practice vulnerability and penetration testing
  • test your service’s performance
  • test new features to make sure they’re accessible
  • maintain quality assurance

Staffing the team

Most features will be built at this point, but it’s not time to disband the team. Ongoing user research, testing and improvement are essential parts of live and will require a dedicated team.

To reflect the change in workload, reduce the size of the team to a few key roles. Keep a sustainable and multidisciplinary team that can:

  • finish building any additional features from the backlog
  • manage, maintain and monitor the success of the service
  • conduct ongoing user research and testing to update and improve the service

A product manager must continue to be accountable for the service as long as it is live.

Continous Improvement

You should repeat the agile development phases (discovery, alpha, beta and live) for smaller pieces of work as your service continues running.

Keep finding things that need improvement, do research to get the best solutions, iterate, then release.

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