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What is Alignment?

Alignment is about creating the foundations for a product team to efficiently move through the rest of the phases.

It’s crucial that everyone involved with the service have a clear understanding of the scope and approach to the work.

What do you do in Alignment?

The main activity of Alignment is relationship building.

In Alignment you will:

  • review the phases of Discovery, Alpha, Beta, Live
  • determine who needs to be involved at a team, partnership, and executive level
  • submit a Privacy Impact Assessment to conduct research
  • find a space for your product team to co-locate

What do you have at the end of Alignment?

By the end of Alignment, expect to have:

  • a collective understanding of approach and expectations for Discovery, Alpha, Beta, Live
  • an understanding who will be on the team for Discovery
  • a co-located space for the team
  • funding secured to support all phases
  • budget allocated for research activities including stipends for research participants and travel.
  • formed any governance or oversight bodies that are required
  • a completed Privacy Impact Assessment for research activities
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