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Application Architecture and Technology Stacks

  • Leverage platform-provided templates/components when possible

    • Already adapted for OpenShift
    • Supported by RedHat (updates, patches, etc.)
    • Integrate with Red Hat security tooling (e.g. OpenSCAP)
  • Use "cloud-native"/12factor architectures/principles (
  • Leverage/survey community for assistance/opinions on technology choices/approaches
  • Leverage platform’s DevOps pipeline tooling
  • Assume continual evolution/improvement of applications on platform
  • Recognize shared aspect of platform - some level of uniformity required
  • Design applications for resiliency/high availability
  • Infrastructure and tooling should sit alongside code (e.g. DeploymentConfigS, BuildConfigS, JenkinsfileS)
  • Compose applications from re-usable components and share on GitHub
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