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Application Security Self-Assessment

This document contains a set of items to think about, questions to ask, tools, and references for conducting a STRA in a BCGov DevOps environment. Based on various Information Security frameworks, the focus is on the system and the practices of the team supporting it and avoids the enterprise policy questions.



  • Scope and timeline of the assessment
  • Criticality of the system

Asset Management

  • Is there an inventory of:

    • hosts, platform, and/or system stack?
    • critical software components and versions?
    • licenses?
  • Is there a process to keep the inventory up to date?

System Design

  • Is there a Data Flow Diagram or other document describing:

    • all entities, (servers, services, APIs, end-users and admin)?
    • all communications between entities (protocols, ports, direction)?
  • Is the design kept up to date?

System Implementation

  • Do firewall rules support the system design?
  • Are all exposures necessary (i.e. no unused services running)?
  • Does a port scan confirm the above (i.e. nmap)?
  • Is TLS configuration sufficient? (e.g. Grade A at

Access Management

  • Is there idir/BCeID integration or an exemption otherwise?
  • Are _A accounts used for server admin?
  • Have any default user accounts been removed?
  • Is the process for granting/revoking access documented?
  • Is access control centralized (i.e. Active Directory)?
  • Is the purpose/location of system accounts documented?
  • Do system accounts have the least amount of privilege?
  • Are system passwords/keys well protected?

Vulnerability Management

  • Are there vulnerability notifications for all critical software components?
  • Is there testing for each build:

    • static code analysis (e.g. SonarQube)?
    • dynamic app testing (e.g. ZAP)?
    • user testing (e.g. fuzzing, invalid inputs)?
    • APIs protected/not leaking data?

Change Management

  • Are critical security patches prioritized?
  • Are changes scheduled?
  • Are changes tested?
  • Are changes/outages communicated:

    • from service providers (e.g. Hosting)?
    • to stakeholders?

Logging and Monitoring

  • Do logs record an appropriate level of detail for each of the following categoies of events?

    • Web Access?
    • Error?
    • System?
    • Admin access?
  • Are logs stored external to the system?
  • Are logs protected from tampering/deletion?
  • Are there alerts to notify system admins/owners of:

    • system outages?
    • performance degradation?
    • unauthorized access attempts/misuse (e.g. brute force)?

Backup and Retention

  • Are there backups for critical data?
  • Are there periodic/recent restore tests?
  • Is data at-rest protected (e.g. encrypted disks)?
  • Business Continuity
  • Are Recovery Time Objectives defined (e.g. maximum downtime)?
  • Is there a communication plan for unexpected outages?
  • Is there a contact list for key staff and alternates?
  • Are operating manuals/docs sufficient for others to understand?
  • Have recovery plans been tested?
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