Beginner Guide to Developing on the Platform

A Guide to Developing for Gov What Is OpenShift? ExchangeLab Course: OpenShift 101 ExchangeLab Course: OpenShift 201 Leveraging Rocket.Chat BC Gov Policy Framework For using GitHub Best Practices for Building Apps on Openshift Where to find helpful resources as a developer Best Practices for Publishing npm Packages Considerations for App Security in the Public Sector

You and your team has been or is about to be on-boarded onto the Pathfinder platform and need to get started. One of the questions that is often asked is "How do I get Started?"

This guide aims to be help you and your team in this journey. It highlights several concepts, pieces of tech, as well as helpful tools & resources. It does not aim to be an exhaustive guide initially but it does intend to be one that is consistently improved to help you, the Developer, succeed.

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