Beginner Guide to Developing on the Platform

A Guide to Developing for Gov What Is OpenShift? ExchangeLab Course: OpenShift 101 ExchangeLab Course: OpenShift 201 Leveraging Rocket.Chat BC Gov Policy Framework For using GitHub Best Practices for Building Apps on Openshift Where to find helpful resources as a developer Best Practices for Publishing npm Packages Considerations for App Security in the Public Sector

A Guide to Developing for Gov

There are a plethora of things to consider when developing apps for Gov.

Where Do I find assets and common stylesheets for things like a header?

What is Openshift and how do I use it?

What resources are available to me as a developer to troubleshoot, learn, and contribute back to the community?

What are some best practices when working on a project?

The following documents are aimed to highlight several of these questions and provide helpful information when developing apps for Gov. In fact many of these documents were created for the learnings provided by developing In other words, this guide is aimed to provide you with information that is not only relevant but has been tested.

If there any issues with the content, feel free to create a github issue so it may be addressed.

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