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Beginner Guide to Developing on the Platform

A Guide to Developing for Gov What Is OpenShift? ExchangeLab Course: Openshift 101 ExchangeLab Course: Openshift 201 Leveraging Rocket.Chat BC Gov Policy Framework For using GitHub Best Practices for Building Apps on Openshift Where to find helpful resources as a developer Best Practices for Publishing npm Packages Considerations for App Security in the Public Sector

Leveraging Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat is a open source chat application. Our instance of Rocket.Chat can be found at

Who Can Use It?

All Government Employees as well as user who are apart of the bcgov github github organization have instant access.

It's Community

Since its inception, Rocket.Chat has been growing its user base. Since March 22nd our userbase is now over 850!

Most chat channels are public and allow you to discover/learn about new tech, upcoming events, solutions to common problems and even more.

For teams that work in Openshift, it is also their primary tool to provision things like Teams in Github, projects in Openshift, and SSO Realms.

It's A Place To Ask Questions

Over 850 users means there is a plethora of knowledge that is open for sharing. Solutions to common tech woes, introductions to new tech, provoking reads in a shared article, discovery of events such as Openshift 101 and Exchange Lab Tours and more. You don't need to be a Rocket.Chat veteran to contribute either :)

Case Study: The Devhub UX Survey The Devhub ( Team created a survey to learn more about how users are interacting with the app. This was passed communicated through Rocket.Chat in the #general channel. Several community members responded to our survey which has helped not get insight into usage of the Devhub, but has provided useful data to influence future work.

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