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Check #1: Exploring the images you leverage and its availability

Double check your build and deployment infrastructure for the images you are leveraging. There is a high likelihood that some of the images you are referencing will not exist inside your new namespace or the default openshift namespace etc.

This is also a good opportunity to discover out-of-date images and upgrade them wherever possible

S2I builds

There is a high chance some of your s2i builder images do not exist within the namespace. You will need to rebuild these inside of your tools namespace and update references to the s2i builder within your BuildConfig(s).

RedHat Images

There is a high chance some of the RedHat Images you were referencing do not already exist within your namespace or the default openshift one. You can easily pull these using a Redhat Service Account.

  1. Visit RedHat and create an account or login.
  2. Create a Registry Service Account.
  3. Take note of your username and password (the password is a JWT)
  4. create a docker-registry secret in your namespace
oc create secret docker-registry rh-registry \
  1. When running your BuildConfig make sure to set the build-secret

    oc set build-secret --pull <buildconfig> rh-registry

    make sure to capture any changes from your build config and store it back as code!!!

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