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The Cloud Pathfinder "Public Cloud Accelerator Service" is an OCIO initiative to explore cloud services to inform strategy, policy, and related activities within BC Gov.

AWS Services

The BC Gov Public Cloud Accelerator Service Team (aka Cloud Pathfinder)'s purpose is to accelerate Ministry Team's access and ability to make effective use of Public Cloud. Public Cloud in this case means infrastructure owned and operated by 3rd party Cloud Service Providers in their own data centres, assigned and secured to BC Governement.

The list of tools below is an overview of the AWS services that Cloud Pathfinder has already reviewed in advance for teams to use when they build their apps. Services listed as "Basic Checks Completed" have completed a generic set of privacy and security reviews and are endorsed for basic use, making up a developer toolbox of pre-vetted services. A large part of the review effort is checking compatibility with the SEA environment itself as that has guardrails that could prevent a service from working. Each application being built and hosted in the cloud requires a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) and Security Threat Risk Assessment (STRA).

Each application engagement is required to kick-off with the Ministry Privacy Officer (MPO) and Ministry Information Security Officer (MISO) present to that they have time to work on the PIA and STRA while the team gets started on their app. Most teams usually begin work with a few weeks of DevOps pipeline automation setup, so this gives time for the compliance work to happen in parallel. Teams are prohibited from leaving compliance to the last minute prior to big launch dates. Teams are encouraged to work collaboratively releasing frequently to production to avoid last minute delivery issues when tech debt in unused pipelines shows up.

If services other than the "Basic Checks Completed" (pre-vetted) ones listed below are desired, one can either approach the Cloud Pathfinder team to ask them to add a new tool to the services list, or one can have the MPO and MISO on the ministry team include the service in the application STRA and PIA. Going through Cloud Pathfinder is recommended as there are rare instances where enabling certain services is challenging due to Secure Environment Accelerator (SEA)-wide guardrails that cannot be changed without affecting the compliance of the whole SEA. The purpose of the below list of tools is to save teams time by providing reusable information that can help accelerate their PIA and STRA processes.

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