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Resources related to source code control, GitHub, and open source in BC Gov.

Appropriate Use

  • When working on BC Government projects, ensure your primary email address is set to Simply put, use your work address for any work done in your professional capacity. Detailed instructions for setting your notification email for organizations are available here
  • When you use any of the social media features of GitHub, making comments, forum posts please refer to the Social Media Guidelines for appropriate conduct online.
  • Ensure you follow the conventions when you create, fork, modify and submit pull requests as described in the file for each repository.
  • Ensure you adhere to the minimum content requirements for establishing, and LICENSE files.
  • We encourage you to include a Contributor Code of Conduct in your repository by adding a This lets people know that all are welcome to contribute, and that all who contribute pledge to make participation in the project a harassment-free experience for everyone.
  • Your use of GitHub may involve the use of other related services. Before you can sign up for these, work with your supervisor to ensure their Terms of Service have been reviewed by Legal Services Branch and Risk Management Branch as appropriate.
  • If your professional work includes use of non-BC Government repositories, you must read the licensing guidelines (see Licenses) to ensure government does not take on undue risk.
  • Prior to publishing any content to GitHub, a suitable licence must be chosen from the list of approved licences and you must confirm your authority to license (see Licenses).
  • Completing the Open Content publishing checklist is required for each new project prior to making any contributions. The checklist addresses privacy, intellectual property rights and information security. This helps ensure the content posted to GitHub can be published under the appropriate licence.
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