Code Management

Resources related to source code control, GitHub, and open source in BC Gov.

As an ongoing effort to continously improve these guides as well as to contribute to a more open and welcoming community, we encourage you to create a github issue (and hopefully make a pull request!) if there are any errors to this document.

Introduction To Github and Gov

BC Devops leverages an open social coding and repository hosting platform called Github. Github incorporates a platform to share and version control code as well as provides tooling around team/project management, issue tracking, socialization within the open source community, automation tool integrations and much more.

Github is by far the most popular platform online today (over 31 million users). Many large projects that you may have heard of are available and hosted on Github including:

  • Linux
  • VS Code
  • Git
  • React
  • VueJs

The two main organizations within Github for BC Gov are bcgov and bcdevOps. Between the two organizations, there are over 300 active projects within the BC Gov Developer Community ! 🔥 🔥 🔥

Why are We Using it?

There is increasing interest across the public sector in developing or deploying open source software as well as making code that was developed “in-house” available to developers. The Province is using GitHub to harness this collaboration to build software, support innovation, and to save time and money. These guidelines aim to encourage employees to use GitHub to contribute their skills, to collaborate and to help identify important requirements and manage risks associated with participating in these activities.

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Code Management

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