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Communication, Community and Support

  • Product Teams should aim for self-sufficiency WRT management of pipelines, definition of OCP assets, deployments, scaling, monitoring, etc.

    • Training, tutorials, books, are available to help with the learning curve
  • Community (Internet, and Gov) are the support mechanisms - not individual resources
  • Primary communication mechanism is a Rocket.Chat instance running at

    • Teams should monitor (for alerts/notifications, etc.) and participate (answer questions, share findings, etc.)
    • Follow community conventions/etiquette WRT use of specific channels, appropriate @ mentions, DMs, etc.
  • Technical team members should join and participate in DevOps Commons community - meetups, etc.
  • Product Owner/Managers should join Product Manager commons
  • Teams should share timelines of major milestones (e.g. first release, expected increased volume) ahead of time with PM Commons and platform team
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