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Teams from Across the BC Public Service Learn to be Digital at the Exchange Lab

The Exchange Lab hosts Agile product delivery teams that learn to be digital through experience. Teams of 5-9 people deliver multiple iterative releases of high quality public value products within a year for lower cost than traditional methods. These high performing teams then continue to support their home organizations with digital delivery capacity and culture.

We also code in the open.

This is a brief overview of the teams that have come through the Exchange Lab to learn how to work with DevOps methods and tools and as Agile product teams.

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Current Teams

Verifiable Organizations Network (VON)

OrgBook BC is a searchable public directory of open verifiable data about organizations legally registered in BC. BC businesses are now empowered with a locally-issued trusted digital identity that can be used globally. The Province of BC is leveraging open source decentralized identity technology and collaborating with global experts to create this new capability.

FrontendBackendDatabaseDeployment ToolAutomation TestsLanguages
Angular, VueDjango, Node.jsPostgresSQLJenkinsPython, js


The team behind the initial creation of the Exchange Lab (formerly CSI Lab), the BCDevExchange modernizes how government delivers services. They created the flagship apps: "Code With Us" and "Sprint with Us." This branch of the Office of the Chief Information Officer models a modern Public Service by building & supporting teams that apply the culture, processes, business models and technology of the digital era to solving public challenges.

FrontendBackendDatabaseDeployment ToolAutomation TestsLanguages
AngularExpress, Node.jsMongodbJenkinsjs, TypeScript

BC Registries

The ServiceBC team is developing a number of Registry products. The Names Examination application verifies if a company name is available for use in BC. Cooperatives in B.C. will soon be able to file reports securely online: a faster, simpler way than the previous paper mail-in process. The new application will leverage the BC Services Card and PayBC for credit card payments.

FrontendBackendDatabaseDeployment ToolAutomation TestsLanguages
VueFlask, NameX, aiohttpPostgresSQLJenkinsNightwatchTypeScript, Python, js

Invasive Species

Conservation is a key outcome for this team building tools to support invasive species management. The open source code will be a foundation for managing other types of species and ecosystem data in the future.

FrontendBackendDatabaseDeployment ToolAutomation TestsLanguages
Angular 2, SwiftExpress, Node.jsPostgresSQLJenkinsjs, Swift

Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting & Control

This system is helping the Climate Action Secretariat to better understand the state of industrial greenhouse gas emissions in the province. Easy data visualization and analysis using open source tools will help create and support programs to track and reduce industrial emissions in BC. The team is also building a better experience for industrial reporters to send and view their data.

FrontendBackendDatabaseDeployment ToolAutomation TestsLanguages
React, Relay, Next.jsNode.js, GraphQLPostgresSQLCircleCITypescript

Health Gateway

The Health Gateway product will empower citizens with access and control over their health record. It enables a citizen to not only view and act on their health information, but also to connect it safely and security with third-party health care applications.

FrontendBackendDatabaseDeployment ToolAutomation TestsLanguages
Vue.NETCorePostgresSQLAzure AgentSeleniumjs, c#

Next Gen Application Security Project

The Next Gen Security project has an ambitious goal to turn the DevOps Openshift Platform into the most secure application deployment environment in the BC Government. It plans to achieve this by implementing a new ‘Cloud Native’ security model for Platform applications using leading edge technologies and testing it out with real-life application pilots run in collaboration with partner Ministries. The new security model is based on the emerging Zero-Trust model for network security and includes expanding the DevOps toolkit with new tools to increase security on the platform and to reduce the risk profile of Platform applications. Some of the new security capabilities will include real-time container scanning for vulnerabilities, secret management, real-time threat response, security posture dashboard and continuous STRA/PIA compliance check.

Graduated Teams

Public Review and Comment

Public review and comment is the way the government collects public input on proposed activities on crown land as part of the decision-making process. The team created a service, now called the "Application, Comment and Reason for Decision" (ACRFD) app that improved the way people learn about and provide comments on proposed activities.

FrontendBackendDatabaseDeployment ToolAutomation TestsLanguages
AgularNode.jsMongoDBJenkinsjs, TypeScript

Environmental Assessment

EPIC (EAO Project Information and Collaboration) provides citizens, Indigenous groups and stakeholders access to centralized information and the ability to participate in and provide feedback on environmental assessments. The tool also simplifies business processes for staff.

FrontendBackendDatabaseDeployment ToolAutomation TestsLanguages
AngularExpress, Node.jsMongoDBJenkinsjs

Mines Digital Service (MDS)

This dual team has built scalable, open source, data-driven systems, including a platform for ministry staff that is intuitive and capable of providing meaningful data. They are also building a public portal – Minespace – allows mines to self-report electronically.

FrontendBackendDatabaseDeployment ToolAutomation TestsLanguages
React ReduxPyhton FlaskPostgreSQLJenkinsGroovy/GEBjs, Pyton, Groovy

MSP Forms

One of the first products to be supported by the BCDevExchange, the MSP application was a simple solution to a costly problem: a 40% error rate in MSP forms. People seeking health care in BC experience form errors less than 2% of the time now. The open code for this product was also reused to produce an application that enables more efficient FOI process.

FrontendBackendDatabaseDeployment ToolAutomation TestsLanguages
AgularNode.jsJenkinsjs, TypeScript


The Range program built an app with the BCDevExchange's Mobile Pathfinder that enables offline collection and management of data about crown lands used for livestock range. The open source tool supports sustainable management of herds and the wild plants they rely on.

FrontendBackendDatabaseDeployment ToolAutomation TestsLanguages
React, SwiftExpress, Node.jsPostgreSQLJenkinsjs, Swift


This team first built Groundwater wells (GWELLS): a registry application for industry, academia, governments and the general public who submit or use groundwater data and information. The team is now onto their second product outside of the Exchange Lab: a water information data visualization service that enables robust and defensible water resource decisions.

FrontendBackendDatabaseDeployment ToolAutomation TestsLanguages
VueDjango RESTPostgreSQLJenkinsGroovy/GEBjs, Python, Groovy

Transportation Fuel Reporting System

The Transportation Fuels Reporting System facilitates online Fuel Reporting and Low Carbon Fuel Credit Trading supporting BC’s market-based approach to avoiding lifecycle GHG emissions from transportation fuel.

FrontendBackendDatabaseDeployment ToolAutomation TestsLanguages
React ReduxDjangoPostgreSQLJenkinsGroovy/GEBjs, Python, Groovy

100+ Apps Using DevOps and Coding in the Open

While the BCDevExchange supports teams to deliver product in the Lab, we also make our DevOps platform available to teams outside of the Exchange lab. These teams are part of the development community helping to modernize the BC Public Service, including coding in the open.

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