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Tools and events that foster collaboration and communication across the BC Gov developer community.

Welcome to our new format for Platform Community gatherings. True to our agile spirit, we are constantly looking for ways to improve. In the new fiscal year, we will be introducing a new Platform community-wide forum that will bring us all together to share:

  1. Updates: What's happening on the Platform & Why?
  2. Demo's: Who's building What, and How? We are looking for teams to come and demo their great work that can benefit other teams at our Meetups. Demo Sign-Up sheet can be found here.
  3. Questions: Bring 'em on and we'll problem-solve together!

Come hang out with your friends for an hour of learning and fun. We promise to try to keep the content equally interesting and relevant to both technical and non-technical folks. Ping to get the invite.

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Community and Events

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