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British Columbia Government Design System for Digital Services

Component Backlog

Components are added to the Design System incrementally and are developed in several stages. You can View our Current Backlog to see what we’re working on now.

If the component that you’re looking for is not on our backlog, consider requesting a new component. To request a new component, Propose a New Component using the template.

Once added to the backlog, components are reviewed and developed according to the following stages:


The component has been requested or added to the backlog by the Design System Team or by a community member. The Design System team will engage with stakeholders and the community to explore if the updates or new component will be added to the system.


Work has begun on the component; the scope and specifications have been written. A visual example has been created in the Design System Sketch (Prototyping) library, but code has not been written. The component has not been tested for usability or accessibility and has not been approved by stakeholders. Component information has not been added to the Design System yet.

In Progress

Draft code for the component has been written and testing is underway. The component description, rationale, and code has been added to the Design System, but has not been vetted or approved.


The component has been fully tested and reviewed by stakeholders and the code has been updated/adjusted based on testing and feedback. The component is approved and ready for use.

Not doing

The component has been reviewed by the Design System team and a decision has been made not to include the component in the Design System at this time. Components are evaluated based on the rationale expressed on the Component Rationale and Backlog page.

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