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British Columbia Government Design System for Digital Services

Propose a New Component

Anyone can propose a new component for inclusion in the B.C. government Design System. Component requests or proposals are considered by the Design System team. If proposed components or proposed updates meet evaluation criteria, they are added to the backlog for development and inclusion.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Impact on citizens: The component will enhance the functionality or usability of B.C. government websites or applications.
  • Usage: The component is commonly used or required and this need cannot be met with an existing component.
  • Volume of Requests: The component has been frequently requested by the community.

Further information about the component backlog can be found on the Design System Component Rationale and Backlog page.

Once a component has been approved and is added to the backlog, it will be processed in four stages:

*Requested/Pending *Draft *In Progress *Released

For more information about these stages, see the Component Development Process page.

Propose a New Component

1. Check our Component Backlog

  • You may find that the component you’d like to request or propose has already been added to the backlog and is either in Requested/Pending or in Draft status.

2. Submit a Component Request

  • Use our Component Request Template on Github to submit your request. Please include as much information as possible about the component you’d like to request or propose. This information will help the Design System team move forward with the component.
  • Describe the user need and impact – what makes the component unique and necessary?
  • How will it improve the user experience of B.C. government websites?
  • Provide visual examples, rationale, behaviour, and code samples.

The system is collectively built and maintained by the government community. It’s open source, which means that anybody can provide input, offer suggestions and get involved.

Share your feedback to make this resource better for everyone.

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