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DevOps Requests

While we aim for self-service in as many tasks as possible, there are some tasks for which a self-service option is not feasible. These tasks are usually those that involve elevated permissions, or which consume significant resources. While these tasks are usually automated (in whole or in part), they still require approval or consideration from the Platform Team or the executives at the lab.

In order to make a request for such a task (or to learn more about them) take a look at the issues page in the devops-requests repository in the BCDevOps organization in Github. You'll find a list of tasks that can be requested from the Platform Team, who will give their best effort to respond and complete the task as quickly as possible. Every ticket has complete instructions detailing what information is necessary to complete the request. Please provide all of the information requested, as required. If you miss anything, we will have to respond to the ticket asking you explicitly to provide us what was missed, and this will delay the completion of the task.

If you can't find an issue template that fulfills your needs, please see this page for information on how to proceed!

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