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API Gateway (powered by Kong CE)

Service overview

Current gateway status

Where to start

Use case

Hooks with OpenShift cluster in Kamloops

  • current Kong cluster is running parallel with OpenShift cluster Kamloops in Zone D plus RRDNS across from Kamloops/Calgary Datacenter
  • backend API, you can host your API anywhere, e.g. OCP Kamloops cluster
  • Kong Cluster Production is running on a mixed of OpenShift cluster, RHEL VMs, Physical Servers across from Kamloops and Calgary datacenter.
  • traffic pattern:

    • A, self managed database-less/sidecar gateway* or your own DNS (F5 VIP) => OpenShift Router => Gateway ReplicaSets => your running pods
    • B, using DataBC managed gateway* or your own DNS (API Gateway Cluster) => OpenShift Router => your running pods
    • C, using DataBC managed gateway* or your own DNS (API Gateway Cluster) => your running app/api/svc elsewhere

Roadmap and future development,

  • kong 1.4+, database-less gateway support declarative configuration via yaml or json
  • Admin UI improvement
  • Support PROXY_PROTOCOL in traffic pattern B mentioned above for better performance in TLS end to end deployment.
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