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All project sets in the new OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) 4 Platform are provisioned by default with a "small" resource quota size that includes a certain amout of CPU, RAM and Storage. The amount of resources within each quota size - small, medium and large are as follows:

CPU/RAM/Storage resource quotas (per namespace):

  • Small (Default):
    CPU: 4 cores as request, 8 cores as limit
    RAM: 16GBs as request, 32GBs as limit
    20 PVC count , 50Gbs overall storage with 25 GBs for backup storage
  • Medium: (needs to be requested and justified): Long-running workload quotas:
    CPU: 8 cores as request, 16 cores as limit
    RAM: 32GBs as request, 64GBs as limit
    Medium: 40 PVC count , 100Gbs overall storage with 50 GBs for backup storage
  • Large: (needs to be requested and justified): Long-running workload quotas:
    CPU: 16 cores as request, 32 cores as limit
    RAM: 64GBs as request, 128GBs as limit
    Large: 60 PVC count , 200Gbs overall storage with 100 GBs for backup storage

If you find that the new default allocations are insufficient, you can request a quota increase as described in How to request a resource quota increase for a project on the Openshift 4 Platform.

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Developer Tools

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