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ExchangeLab Course: Openshift 101

Openshift 101 is a two-day course put on by the Exchange Lab (formerly CSI Lab). This course is recommended to anyone who is onboarding onto the Lab's Openshift Cluster.

Don't know what Openshift is? Check out this primer

Not only for Developers, this course will be of value to Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Security Analysts, Buisiness Analysts, any anyone else who is apart of a team that will be interacting with the platform.

What is it about?

OpenShift 101 aims to introduce the OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) and more specifically, how it is used within the BC Government and the Exchange Lab. The course relies heavily on practical exercises that leverage tooling that day-to-day operators of OCP would use.

Whether you have been working with containerized platforms or have little to none experience, this course will be of value to you.

This course is recommended for any individual that is being onboarded to the Exchange Lab's OpenShift platform. This includes Developers, DevOps Specialists, Business Analysts and more.

During the course you can expect to learn many of the 'moving parts' behind OpenShift and how they can work together in your team's workflow. In addition, the course relies heavily on practical lab work that will have you working through tooling to build and deploy an application on OpenShift.

How much does it cost?

For government employees there is no cost for this course. For vendors, please inquire at the address found in Eventbrite.

When is the next course?

Course availability changes overtime. We recommend taking a look at Eventbrite or the Devhub for upcoming dates.

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