Getting Started on the DevOps Platform

Resources to help product team become productive as quickly and effectively as possible when using the BC Gov DevOps OpenShift platform.

Application Architecture and Technology Stacks

  • Leverage platform-provided templates/components when possible

    • Already adapted for OpenShift
    • Supported by RedHat (updates, patches, etc.)
    • Integrate with Red Hat security tooling (e.g. OpenSCAP)
  • Use "cloud-native"/12factor architectures/principles (
  • Leverage/survey community for assistance/opinions on technology choices/approaches
  • Leverage platform’s DevOps pipeline tooling
  • Assume continual evolution/improvement of applications on platform
  • Recognize shared aspect of platform - some level of uniformity required
  • Design applications for resiliency/high availability
  • Infrastructure and tooling should sit alongside code (e.g. DeploymentConfigS, BuildConfigS, JenkinsfileS)
  • Compose applications from re-usable components and share on GitHub
  • Create an Issue

Getting Started on the DevOps Platform

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