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Getting Started on the DevOps Platform

Resources to help product team become productive as quickly and effectively as possible when using the BC Gov DevOps OpenShift platform.

Communication, Community and Support

  • Product Teams should aim for self-sufficiency WRT management of pipelines, definition of OCP assets, deployments, scaling, monitoring, etc.

    • Training, tutorials, books, are available to help with the learning curve
  • Community (Internet, and Gov) are the support mechanisms - not individual resources
  • Primary communication mechanism is a Rocket.Chat instance running at

    • Teams should monitor (for alerts/notifications, etc.) and participate (answer questions, share findings, etc.)
    • Follow community conventions/etiquette WRT use of specific channels, appropriate @ mentions, DMs, etc.
  • Technical team members should join and participate in DevOps Commons community - meetups, etc.
  • Product Owner/Managers should join Product Manager commons
  • Teams should share timelines of major milestones (e.g. first release, expected increased volume) ahead of time with PM Commons and platform team
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Getting Started on the DevOps Platform