Getting Started on the DevOps Platform

Resources to help product team become productive as quickly and effectively as possible when using the BC Gov DevOps OpenShift platform.

How to Request a New OpenShift Project

The work of different teams within the OpenShift platform is organized into isolated "projects".

Before you can start working on the platform, you need to submit a project provisioning request to have a set of projects provisioned by the OCIO Enterprise DevOps branch.

Each new request must be reviewed and approved, including requests for additional projects from a team that already has one or more projects on the platform.

Criteria for acceptance onto the platform

Before agreeing to host your project on the OpenShift platform, the OCIO Platform Services Team wants to be confident that:

  • Your executive sponsors and endorses the project and the continuous service improvement delivery model
  • Your project is be based on open source code, with custom code hosted in the BCGov GitHub organization repositories
  • Your project will be supported by a team with explicit roles such as DevOps specialist, Scrum Master and Product Owner — ideally with one or more of these roles filled by dedicated staff
  • Your team will follow an agile methodology
  • Your team must have a commitment to participate in and contribute to the BC Government open development community
  • You will have a DevOps Specialist looking after your app after the period of active development is complete.

Submit a project provisioning request

If you meet the above criteria, book an alignment meeting with our Product Director Olena Mitovska ( to confirm your project's suitability. After the alignment meeting, your Product Owner or your Ministry's DevOps Chamption will be able to submit a project provisioning request through the OpenShift 4 Project Registry. Note to AG teams: Contact Ryan Loiselle at to submit the request for you.

Once your request(s) are approved, the projects will be created and the requestor will be notified when provisioning is complete.

NOTE: The names of OpenShift namespaces will be auto-generated at provisioning time, in the form of <generated alphanumeric string>-<environment>, we call them project license plates.

While you are waiting for the alignment meeting, please check out our new OnBoarding Guide for BC Gov DevOps Platform to learn about the available services and the easier way to integrate with the Platform Community.

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Getting Started on the DevOps Platform

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