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Information and Application Security

Resources to help teams ensure their applications appropriately design for and manage security in the their code, tools, and processes.

Trust No One

With the addition of new security components Platform Services is able to offer product teams the ability to operate in a Zero Trust model; Zero Trust is a security model you don't trust anything outside of your own components (pods).

This is done by way of creating application identities for each component (Web, API, Database, etc) and based on this identity allowing specific components to talk to one another by creating NetworkSecurityPolicy (NSP) and, for more advanced solutions, ExternalNetworks (EN).

🤓 ProTip

  • Assume that the network and platform are insecure and built up robust security practices.

Table of Contents

Quick Start

Custom Network Security Policy

Custom External Networks


If things aren't working as you expect and you are stuck reach out for help in these two RocketChat channels:

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This is a list of some projects that have already implemented a Zero Trust security model:

Family Protection Order

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Information and Application Security