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Native mobile application development in the BC government ecosystem

BC Government Team Mobile Services Definition

Service Description


The BC Government Team Mobile Services support native mobile application development through:

  • Maintaining best practices, starter kit, deployment process; and
  • Development and maintenance of a Mobile Signing Service; and
  • Administration of 3rd-party services such as Google Play and Apple iTunes Connect; and
  • Aiding in design and architecture for Enterprise level applications.

This does not include access or support to the Enterprise App Store commonly referred to as AirWatch. For this please contact the MDMS team.

Features & Functions

Users of this service gain access to the following four services:

Mobile Signing

This service allows teams to sign their iOS applications with our Enterprise or iTunes Store production keys.

When using this service for Android it generates and retains the unique signing key for your application. This method will ensure the key is backed-up to prevent loss or corruption which may result in the inability to further update your application on Google Play.

Once signed the team's application manager can distribute the application as they wish.

Public Stores

We have administrative and agent access to both the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. We can invite developers as needed and grant the ability to for BC Government employees to be application managers for their team; this allows upload, distribution, and monitoring of metrics for your specific application.

Public stores can also be used for beta distribution.

Starter Kit

Resources to explain mobile development within the BC Government. This includes guides to the different tools, workflow, process, and for iOS automated code quality rules; for Android there are recommended best practices.


We encourage a vibrant community of mobile focused developer through the #gomobile channel in RocketChat. Use your GitHub ID or IDIR to sign-up and join.

Eligibility & Prerequisites

This service collection is offered to BC Government development teams building native mobile application for iOS and Android.

In order to use this service, teams must:

  • Nominate a BC Government employee to be the product App Manager; this person will be able to sign and deploy the app on behalf of the team;
  • Developers for iOS will need to provide their Apple ID;
  • Developers for Android will need to provide their Google ID.

How to Request

Once a team has read the Mobile Start Kit to understand the components and best practices reach out to Todd Wilson, Director of Enterprise DevOps, Office of the Chief Information Officer; he can be located in the corporate directory. Setup a phone call to discuss your project and talk through the mobile development process.

Subsequent requests can be made by using your IDIR or GitHub ID to join the #gomobile channel in RocketChat


Automated services are available 24/7 with best effort to restart failed systems during normal business hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Services requiring human innervation are preformed during normal business hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

How do I get help? (help and self service)

Getting Help

To request help use your IDIR or GitHub ID to join the #gomobile channel in RocketChat.

Self-service support

Use these self-services resources to educate your team and reach out for further assistance:

What does it Cost?


For you my friend, there are no changes for this these services.

Support Roles, Processes, Communications (platform ops)

Our role is to enable you to successfully delivery your application by provisioning access to necessary resources or tools fulfilling unique and required task.

RocketChat is the primary mode of communication. By using it your team will learn about different teams, project, or tools. RocketChat can also be used to learn additional contact information (work email / voice) as well as escalation methods. We will also use the #gomobile channel to post alerts and notifications.

For teams without RocketChat access or if you need to talk to a person IRL contact Todd Wilson, Director of Enterprise DevOps, Office of the Chief Information Officer.

Service Delivery

This section is not yet completed.

* request workflow(s)
* change management
* service improvements
* service level
* security reviews


There is an Enterprise App Store commonly known as AirWatch. This product is managed by the MDMS team who provide mobile devices to BC Government employees. AirWatch is outside of the scope of this service description. Please contact MDMS to learn more about AirWatch.

How to Contribute

If you would like to contribute, please see our CONTRIBUTING guidelines.

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.


Creative Commons License

Copyright 2019 Province of British Columbia

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
To view a copy of this license, visit


This document is based heavily on Service Definition Questions and Checklist from UC Santa Cruz.

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