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OpenShift Networking - Pathfinder Project Config


Pathfinder OpenShift specific implementation notes:

  • SDN uses the ovs-multitenant SDN plug-in for configuring the pod network.
  • Pathfinder OpenShifyt is not using the F5 plugin; routing within OpenShift is using OpenShift-provided HA Proxy. The load balancer is outside OpenShift (.209) and forwards traffic to the HA Proxy instances is an F5, but it is not tightly integrated with OpenShift.
  • CIDR Range; Netmask; Wildcard Bits; First IP; Last IP
  • OpenShift servers are in VLAN 138 in Kamloops
  • Firewall Object: OCIO-PF-PROD-DMZ (used as SOURCE)
  • Private Network IP Range:
  • Access (ingress) points:

    • - ( API and web UI
    • - ( internet accessible application routes; there is an Entrust wildcard SSL cert for this.
    • .pathfinder.bcgov:80/443 ( - internal-only accessible routes; there is currently NO wildcard SSL cert for this
  • BCGov IP 142 Subnets (