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Now that you’re up and running in the cloud, remember our Shared Responsibilities Model – ensure that your team is taking care of their responsibilities:

Accelerated Public Cloud Services Shared Responsibilities Model
for compute and storage
Contracts & Billing
Security & Privacy
Technology Stack
Ministry Teams
 - Applications & Data

Apply Financial Controls, monitor
costs, pay for resources used

Contract for development, with cloud security schedule + privacy schedule
2nd stage procurement or process
to justify selection of cloud service provider
App-specific Security & Access Management, logging, incident response, protection of data in transit and at rest
STRA & SOAR for application
and any 3rd party tools
Ministry Program PIA
Information Management
as per CPPM Ch 12
Manage Application Lifecycle
Code Management (GitHub)
Build & Deploy Pipelines
Support app and any 3rd party tools
Backup and restore
DR plan and test
Communities of Practice - DevOps Commons, others
Regular cadence of meetings, support from members of teams that are on the same journey, curated vendor and product
introductions and updates, highlighting of well aligned teams and their best practices
Accelerated Public
Cloud Services Team
(and service delivery
Corporate Services
& Governance
Parse CSP bills to provide bills to ministries.
Establish governance framework for
admin access to accounts, billing,
monitoring (including visibility into costs),
  Automate policy and standards compliance as much as possible - includes platform security (and patching) above the virtualization layer
1st stage procurement, negotiation of contracts, to establish CSA or similar
Cloud Security and Privacy Schedules for inclusion in contracts
Corporate PIA for cloud service
types, for each CSP
Corporate STRA for each CSP
Centralized logging
Platform level incident response & investigation
IM IT Policy and Standards
Ordering & Provisioning Infrastructure
Manage catalogue(s) of compliant cloud services (initially compute and storage)
Develop library of scripts for automated provisioning of cloud infrastructure
Corporate Services (like ExpressRoute)
- all things best implemented once for the enterprise
Provide curated selection of cloud-related training courses
Cloud Service Provider
Data Centre Security and Reliability
Cloud Service Provider
Data Centre Security and Reliability
Provide tools for monitoring and
reporting on resources used
Offer a selection of pricing models
(reserved instances, saving plans ...)
-> bill for consumption
Security (including patching)
of everything up to and including
the virtualization layer
Compliance with industry standards:
FedRAMP; EU/US Privacy Shield;
ISO 9001, 27001, 27017, 27018 ...
Data Centre Operations
Hardware Infrastructure - Regions, Availability Zones, Edge Locations
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