Government of British ColumbiaGovernment of British Columbia


Resource Information

Requesting a SSO realm to be created

Identity Providers

Global RealmDescription
_idirBC IDIR
_bceidBCeID - Basic, Personal, Business
_servicecard (soon)BC Service Card (soon)

Realm Creation Request

To Request the creation of a new SSO realm in our Keycloak instance, please post a request in Rocket.Chat #devops-requests channel with the following info:

  • Realm Display Name: (Note: The names of realms will be auto-generated at provisioning time)
  • Contact/Admin of Realm (IDIR username + email):
  • ID Providers:
  • Product Owner:
  • If BCeID Provider is required, have you completed the approval process [Y/N]?


  • At least one of contact/PO should be a Government Employee
  • Create an Issue