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WeasyPrint HTML to PDF/PNG Microservice

The docker-weasyprint project bundles Weasyprint into an easy to use, OpenShift compatible, HTML to PDF/PNG microservice with a simple REST interface.


Pre-built images can be found here; bcgovimages/weasyprint

docker pull bcgovimages/weasyprint

Usage - Docker Example

Run the docker image, exposing port 5001

docker run -p 5001:5001 bcgovimages/weasyprint

A POST to /pdf on port 5001 with an html body will result in a response containing a PDF. The filename may be set using a query parameter, e.g.:

curl -v -X POST -d @test.html -JLO

This example will use the file test.html and return a response with Content-Type: application/pdf and Content-Disposition: inline; filename=result.pdf headers. The body of the response will be the PDF rendering of the html document. To generate a png, make a call to /png instead

In addition /health is a health check endpoint and a GET returns 'ok'.

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