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What is Pathfinder?

Technology is moving faster than ever and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. As an ongoing OCIO initiative, Pathfinder projects are testbeds for government to explore the potential of these emerging technology solutions, and to be ready to capture the benefits. They deliver business value through a “learn by doing” process, matching known business problems with these emerging technologies.

Core Values

Knowledge Transfer and Sharing

What is learned is shared, so other projects have a path to follow.

Process Over Policy

To facilitate speed and innovation, Pathfinder projects are provided greater latitude when adhering to existing standards with the understanding that the learning gathered will inform any necessary standards/revisions going forward.

Open Source from the Beginning

Pathfinder projects are encouraged to adopt openess during the entire lifecycle of an application. All code is stored within Github, which is a social platform for app development as well as a source code version control system. The code is publicly available to view, remark on and contribute too.

Currently there are two main organizations within Github that serve Pathfinder projects. These are:

  • bcgov This organization holds repositories for line-of-business applications
  • BCDevOps This organization contains repositories for the supporting infrastructure,components, documentation, guidelines as well as other artifacts that enable Project Teams to work within the Pathfinder environment

The State of Pathfinder Today

As of May 2019, there are over 400 code repositories within the bcgov repository.