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Where To Find Helpful Resources As A Developer

Some of the main principles developers go by are "don't repeat yourself" and "don't reinvent the wheel".

With that being said, it can be difficult to look for solid code examples, good project skeletons and so on.

Here are a brief list of repositories that contain a solid starting point to build an app. In addition they already contain many of the best practices when it comes to administering an app in our Openshift Cluster.

Case Study: TFRS Repo


  • Poly-Stack Repository with great examples of infrastructure as code
  • The repository is very well structured
  • All parts of the stack are neatly organized by directory. Openshift Components for the stack are organized in the same way.
  • Languages:

    • Python
    • Javascript
    • Groovy
  • Technologies:

Case Study: Range API Repo


  • Single Stack Repository that follows Node JS, Express Conventions very well
  • Great Examples of Unit Tests
  • Has an example of modifying the Openshift S2I Assemble Script
  • Languages:

    • Javascript
  • Technologies:

    • Node JS/Express
    • SonarQube
    • Swagger
    • Knex JS

Finding Repos

Here are a couple of good ways to find repos.

  1. Using the DevHub

Requires being logged in

Searching Devhub

  1. Using the Github Native Search

Searching Github

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