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Red Hat Security Symposium Victoria

Sept 5 2019 - Join the Security Symposium, where cybersecurity professionals can learn and network alongside Red Hat and Intel security experts, partners, and industry peers. No one can solve IT security issues alone. Solving problems together as a community is the future of technology.


Certified Scrum Master Training

Course Description This ​two-day ​ScrumMaster ​certification ​course ​is ​a ​great ​jumping ​off ​point ​for ​becoming ​a ​servant ​leader ​or ​effective ​member ​of ​a ​Scrum ​team. ​You’ll ​first ​learn ​the ​essential ​concepts ​and ​tools ​of ​Scrum, ​including ​how ​to ​execute ​a ​discovery ​session, ​plan ​releases ​and ​sprints, ​track ​and ​report ​progress, ​and ​continually ​improve ​via ​feedback ​loops. ​Then ​we’ll ​cover ​how ​to ​build ​a ​roadmap ​for ​implementing ​Scrum, ​and ​facilitate ​or ​participate ​in ​Scrum ​ceremonies, ​such ​as ​release ​planning, ​sprint ​planning, ​daily ​Scrums, ​sprint ​reviews ​and ​retrospectives. ​ ​ All ​attendees ​will ​receive ​Scrum ​training ​materials ​to ​take ​back ​to ​their ​teams, ​a ​2-year ​membership ​in ​the ​Scrum ​Alliance, ​and ​eligibility ​to ​take ​the ​ScrumMaster ​Certification ​Exam ​upon ​completion ​of ​the ​class. IMPORTANT - Training Session Registration Notes: 1. Prior to registering, ensure that you have supervisor approval to attend. Cost: Please be approved for $875.00 + GST. The final amount is dependant on the total number of participants (could be as low as $725 per participant), but $875 is the MAXIMUM amount you will be charged. Payments will be processed internally via JV (this is NOT a free course). 2. Email with the following information: Name of your expense authority and email of financial contact from your branch. Financial Coding information: [CL.RESP.SVC.STOB.PROJ] [xxx.xxxxx.xxxxx.6516.xxxxxxx] On the day immediately following this course (November 28) there will be a Scrum Master Panel to bring learnings in to a Government context, further discussion and provide examples of Government teams/products. This will run from 10:30am - 12:00pm. Course Pre-requisites: - all participants are encouraged to participate in Agile Fundamentals first, which is a free, one-day session offered at the Exchange Lab for internal government employees.  Trainer Bio The trainer for this class is Petra Skapa, Certified Scrum Trainer. Petra Skapa was taught Scrum by Ken Schwaber, co-creator of the Scrum Framework, in 2002 and has been a team member as a developer, Scrum Master, Iteration Manager and Agile Project Manager. Her experience has great diversity of domain, including airlines, retail, public sector, medical and telecom. Petra holds a Bachelors degree in Human and Social Development from the University of Victoria, 1998, and a post graduate diploma in Object Oriented Software Technology from Saint Mary’s University, 2001. She has been a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) since 2011 having taught hundreds of students globally, in both English and French. She is also a Certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Certified Product Owner (CSPO) and a Certified LeSS Practitioner (Large Scale Scrum). Petra’s IT career began through an internship at TransCanada Pipelines as a developer in 2002, and she then joined ThoughtWorks, an international Agile consultancy, in 2003. She worked for a range of Fortune 1000 clients around North America on product delivery and agile coaching engagements. In 2007, she joined the Gap as their Chief Agilist, leading their enterprise wide agile transformation. From there she worked in Europe with ValTech, a leading consultancy, on large scale agile transformations. In 2011 she co-founded her own practice focused on supporting enterprise wide agile transformations through Scrum training, Agile consulting and coaching. Petra’s background as a social worker makes her unique and brings with it the understanding that all change comes from individuals. Petra understands that people’s choices are directly influenced by their motivations, be they external or internal. She can get inside an organization quickly by immediately connecting with people and goes to where the work is. Petra can quickly build trust with a team by seeking understanding of their perspectives, and lead them in a direction where they see value for themselves, their product and their organization. She believes every Agile adoption is as unique as every individual and therefore she varies her approach to each specific context. Petra presents regularly at conferences such as, Agile Central Europe, Agile Eastern Europe, Better Software Conference, Dev Chicks, XP Suisse, Scrum Gatherings and Agile Open Canada. She is the co-organizer of the Agile Victoria Meet-up and hosts a Scrum Breakfast Club. Petra’s key values are integrity and respect for people.


Webinar | The Six Principles that Guide the Procurement Process

There are six principles that guide procurement process in British Columbia: Fairness Openness Demand Aggregation Value for Money Transparency Accountability To ensure these principles are followed, a generic procurement process was created. Our IMIT Procurement Architect Team was established to satisfy the particular needs in the IMIT field.  This presentation will demystify the six principles and the process, as we walk through the six steps. Who will benefit from attending? This is perfect for those who are interested in or work in procured services on a regular basis. The presentation will teach you the general procurement process. The takeaway will be knowing who to talk with and what to do  during the procurement process. Presenter Martin Ma, MBA & MCPM, IMIT Procurement Architect. He has worked in IT area for BC government for 11 years, conducting procurement management, financial management, project portfolio management and vendor management. He is familiar with ITIL, IMIT infrastructure, Project Management, Procurement, Policies and Commercial Laws. Presentation: 9 am to 10 am Register today! By registering, you will be helping us in our ongoing discussion to improve and bring in talks that interest you. Would you like to learn more about the Exchange Lab and the teams? Sign up to our Newsletter, follow us on LinkedIn, and if you are internal to government on the @Work Page  Questions? Contact us at ......................................................................................................................................... Join Skype Meeting   Trouble Joining? Try Skype Web App Join by phone Local - Victoria: +1 (250) 952-9304,,904447595# (BC, Canada)                 English (United States) Local - Vancouver: +1 (604) 398-9304,,904447595# (BC, Canada)             English (United States)   Toll-Free: +1 (888) 952-9304,,904447595# (BC, Canada)                            English (United States)     Find a local number   Conference ID: 904447595 Forgot your dial-in PIN? |Help  


Agile Fundamentals - BC Gov

A one-day BCDevExchange course on what being Agile is all about from a mindset, cultural and practical perspective, with the practical methodology worked through as Scrum, which is by far the most used Agile methodology in government today. Contents Course summary Course aims and objectives Modules Eligibility Duration Cost Training locations and dates Register BCDevExchange training locations Course summary Agile Fundamentals aims to introduce agile concepts and techniques in a classroom situation using a combination of presentations, exercises and fun activities embracing the principle of ‘learning by doing’. Whether you're a recently minted Scrum Master, Product Owner or have little to no experience of this thing called "Agile", or even if you'd like a refresher on what being Agile is all about from a mindset, cultural and practical perspective, this course will be of value to you. The day is made up of fun activities, from wrestling with spaghetti and marshmallows to fiddling with lego in our Lego4Scrum workshop, along with a brief history of Project Management, Agile, its values and principles. The practical methodology that we work through is Scrum, which is by far the most used Agile methodology in government today. During the course, there will be the opportunity to apply the techniques with a ready-prepared simulation, which will help consolidate learning. This full-day session is organized for BC Government employees who are looking to introduce Agile methodology to their own area of work (not specifically digital or service projects), but is the same material aimed primarily at new teams entering the Exchange Lab. What Agile Looks Like in Gov: Watch this video of one of the Product Teams at the Exchange Lab to see how we work! Course aims and objectives Agile Fundamentals introduces agile methodology and techniques to teams who need to understand and apply agile to their work area or are dealing with other teams or services that are already working in an agile way. By the end of the course you will be able to: explain the origins of Agile including the values, principles and how process fits recognize the importance of a different mindset and different ways of understand the Scrum framework Modules Traditional Way of Approaching Work Agile Origins Mindset Agile Manifesto and Principles Agile and Process Scrum overview Product Simulation Journey Mapping, personas, features Agile estimating and planning Backlog refinement Kanban Eligibility This full-day session is organized for BC Government employees who are looking to introduce Agile methodology to their own area of work (not specifically digital or service projects), but is the same material aimed primarily at new teams entering the Exchange Lab. Duration The course takes 1 working day. It usually runs from 9:00am to 4:30pm. Cost There is no cost to taking this course at this time. Training location and dates Visit Eventbrite for location and dates information New course dates We publish course dates based on teams starting at the Exchange Lab. To stay up to date, sign up for the BCDevExchange Newsletter. Register Register via Eventbrite for upcoming sessions. BCDevExchange training locations Victoria, BC Testimonial "This session was excellent: a motivating introduction to Agile principles very engaged and passionate facilitation by Matthew, Jesus and Jake hands-on exercise and frequent opportunity to present/discuss as a group made this day fly by  In my view this should be the first touchpoint for anyone dabbling into the Agile world; it’s the perfect foundation for every subsequent course provided by Global Knowledge, Alluvial and the likes."      -Richard Guenther, MSc      BPM Coach, Business Services Branch - BC Pension Corporation Would you like to learn more about the Exchange Lab and the teams? Follow us on LinkedIn, and if you are internal to the government on the @Work Page Once registered, you will be able to manage your own registration should you need to cancel*. *To cancel your ticket, login to your Eventbrite account and go to your profile > Tickets > click on the ticket you wish to cancel > there will be a “Cancel Order” button.