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Take a walk on the Agile side: Tour of BC Gov's Exchange Lab

The Exchange Lab is a creative space where multi-disciplinary teams of public servants can learn new ways of working using technology as an enabler to build a modern public service.Save your spot and come on down for a quick online tour to meet the teams hard at work enhancing services for citizens!Using Eventbrite is easy and self-serve - you can manage your spot (register, un register) all at the touch of a button. Would you like to learn more about the BCDevExchange at the Exchange Lab and the teams? Follow us on LinkedIn, and if you are internal to the government on the @Work Page

  • May202020
  • The Exchange Lab, 3rd floor, Lobby


Webinar | Let's Talk about GBA+ and Digital!

*We have moved the webinar to Youtube. Please click the link to view the webinar. So, you’ve completed the GBA+ training online, or at the Learning Centre and maybe you are still left wondering how you can apply that training to your job in real life. Maybe you haven’t completed the training and would like to learn more. If so, this Webinar is for you! This presentation will provide a brief overview of GBA+ and answer questions such as ‘what are our lenses?’ ‘how can we broaden our understanding of other people’s experiences?’ to help broaden the impact of our work. We will dig into some more specific examples about structures of power, how we relate to them, and how we have been designing for them (in technology, AI, transportation, policy, and even in medicine among many other areas). Learn about how we can use GBA+ to strengthen our work in technology, innovation, and digital government. Who will benefit from attending? Anyone who would like to learn more about GBA+ principles, how bad data can impact lives, and how to apply them to their work in digital, tech, and innovation. Presenter Erin Grant (aka Dr. Grant, recovering academic) is part of the Office of the Chief Information Officer’s Policy and Legislation unit, a team member for the Digital Policy Framework, and a Gender Equity Advisor for the BC Government. Need to know You are strongly encouraged to complete the GBA+ online training offered through the Government of Canada website prior to the webinar.   Please bring an open and curious mind, and an inclusive heart. Humour would be a bonus. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *We have moved the webinar to Youtube. Please click the link to view the webinar.  

  • Jan292020
  • Webinar

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